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Frostwire  is a powerful Bittorent and Gnutella application that allows you to download and share any kind of media (Music, Movies, Videos, Documents, Pictures, Games, Software etc.) with your friends, family, coworkers and the Frostwire community. Frostwire was built in almost exact same way as Limewire Pro which gives the users the ability to download several files at the same time without having to slow down downloads. Frostwire is also an open source application meaning it is free and will always be that way.

Fastest Gnutella Client

Fastest Gnutella Client

Frostwire will download faster than any other Gnutella client simply because it has no limit to the number of connections or downloads you can establish. You can download when you want and how much you want. There are no limits at all. Our P2P technology allows you to get the fastest speeds at any time no matter where you are in the world. We have also improved the built-in search making finding files even easier than before. You no longer have to waste time looking for files since you will always find them from the first try.

Why Use Frostwire?

Why Download Frostwire?

Frostwire has all the features and abilities that Limewire Pro used to have. The only difference is that our application is open-source meaning anybody can take part in this project and help us develop the application. Frostwire provides you with more skins, online chatrooms, bittorent compatibility, better download speeds and is even iTunes compatible. Now Frostwirehas some new features to the application such as the ability to download BTIH magnet torrents which greatly increases the users security and privacy.

Frostwire is the #1 application for anyone who wants to download freemusic, movies or any other type of files.